About me


I am the co-founder of Fountainhead School with the aim of being a harbinger of change for education in India. I play Ultimate Frisbee passionately. I read a lot of books, with my favourite genre being the Sci-fi genre. I am keenly interested in India’s development and therefore politics, religion, economy.

While my posts will define who I am better, but for now I should say that I consider myself to be a critically thinking liberal (though not necessarily in all political or economic matters), a rationalist, an atheist, probably a humanist (although I am still exploring what that means). Read this post to understand why this blog has a rather weird title such as “My Weltanschauung“. To get a better sense of the purpose of this blog, you may want to start with these two posts: Raison d’être & I am going to die.

Note that all images used on this site are from photo sites (such as Pixabay, Unsplash, Flickr, Google Images) that have listed these photos as free to use without attribution (unless a reference is given otherwise). Similarly, all content written in the posts is mine, unless the references are explicitly given.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome as comments under each of the posts. You can can also contact me through the Contact form.