The intellectual’s folly

photo-man-hinduism-hindu-13338The Rich and Poor Divide

With no intention to belittle the poor or ridicule their beliefs, it is the middle class (and the upper classes) who really needs to be questioned & awakened and educated. They don’t need the opium of the masses – why then must they believe? It is this class on intellectuals and thinkers who I believe are shirking away from their responsibility of letting the world know of their belief system – and that itself will be a big deal. The influence of this disclosure and clarity in any further expression will be tremendous.

Why must we be not be a champion of our own beliefs? For firstly it will be give succour to the multitudes sitting on the fence! The value of a confirmation of their beliefs would be a significant boost to their confidence in their own logic and their perceptions.

The world doesn’t need a religion or a god. And if you look at the world from a have and have not’s perspective, then all the more reason to get rid off god.

The poor don’t need god who keeps them poor. At least the rich can say that god keeps them rich, but the poor are not helped – other than feeling discriminated against or helplessness. The poor are kept poor by the rich; ignorant by the power hungry using religion as a medium, plus the poor waste so much precious money and time behind futile religious pursuits! They need to get rid of religion and god – very urgently and quickly – then only will they believe in themselves and that they alone will have to do what they need to do to get them out of the deep pits in which they are! But alas, that’s a tough ask for the poor, who don’t get the education and the space that they need before they are able to start thinking on their own. But what about the the others, especially the intellectuals?

The grave injustice that the intellectuals of the world to the rest of the world!

When asked most intellectuals who say that they believe in god, would find it difficult to describe exactly what god looks like, or the nature of the role that god plays in their day to day lives. Many of them tend to talk about god in a way that tends towards their realisation that there are number of unsolved mysteries in this world (for e.g. how or why did this universe begin if at all there was a beginning).

The god that intellectuals believe in is very different for the god that the junta believes in. When they mention god, they mention it with a very different intention – of being humble and to show your humility that their achievements are not theirs alone but have been contributed to by so many people around them as well by so many things that they cannot fully attribute to people they know or cannot fully understand how.

The god of the masses is different. He’s the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, “omnicaring” kinds that will do everything they are prayed for.

Therefore, we, the intellectuals, mislead people when we say we believe in god. Our belief in god is a very different belief. But when we use the same word then it ratifies those misconceptions that the masses hold. Their belief strengthens because we also believe. Their capacity and their will to think for themselves and to worry about themselves reduces because there’s a “my-baap” too look after them. And that my friends constitutes what I call as grave injustice.

Imagine the kind of money they spend, the time, the atrocities they commit on themselves or their family members for the sake of god and religion. Wouldn’t they be better of using these resources for something more ameliorating?

For the poor, god’s governance seems to be far less responsive and unfair than the most pathetic, corrupt governments of the world. And that comparison certainly doesn’t hold the god’s governance in much stead considering the standard used for comparison. The poor are dying of hunger and you know what I need not really point out the pathetic state of affairs. What does it say of the god’s existence, at least in the form in which we wish him to be.


  1. […] Fear of death and problem, herd mentality, lack of critical thinking in general, are some of the reasons which don’t allow people to question about the existence of God and certain rituals of their religion. Different political parties, priests and so called God-men take advantage of this paralyzed situation for their own benefit. Today’s generation must be taught explicitly to question all the beliefs that they have brought up with. The amount of money and resources spent on building temples and doing different rituals make me worry. As a school/ teacher, we surely have  bigger responsibility to play in the society………..”The Intellectual’s folly“. […]

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